Rustic Furniture in Texas


Q: What type of wood is your furniture made of?
A: All of the handcrafted wood furniture at The Great Western Furniture Company is made with 100% solid wood; no particle board, no veneers, no plastics, no composites. We use select South American (primarily Brazilian and Chilean) kiln-dried white pine.

Q: What about the finish?
A: All of our hand-crafted, solid wood furniture is finished with a hand-rubbed beeswax-based stain. By hand-rubbing, as opposed to spraying, this ensures a thorough saturation and gives each piece a unique hand-finished character. Consequently, no two pieces have an identical machine-like finished quality, lending to the overall distinctiveness of our product line. Variations in shade are common and purposeful. Additionally, we offer most of our products in a darker stain on a limited basis by request. Please visit store for details.

Q: Where is your furniture made?
A: A: All of our solid wood hand-crafted furniture is made in Mexico and imported for distribution. The Mexican people have a long tradition of producing some of the finest hand-crafted solid wood furniture available anywhere, and it is our distinct pleasure to offer this traditional, time-honored method of craftsmanship to you at unbelievably affordable prices. Contact us for rustic furniture in Texas.

Q: How long do I have to wait for my furniture after making a purchase?
A: With ready-access to a multi-million dollar inventory warehoused nearby our showroom, most purchases are available for pickup or delivery same-day.

Q: What about delivery?
A: Deliveries are readily available via affordable, licensed and bonded sub-contractors and can generally be accommodated at your convenience to suit your schedule. Prices for delivery quoted upon request.

Q: Can all of your furniture be mixed and matched?
A: Yes! The beauty of our product line is its eclectic nature, which offers the ability to mix and match any bed with any bedroom piece, and easily coordinate dining, occasional, entertainment, office, or any other of our distinctive furnishings.

Q: Can you ship?
A: Yes! Drop-ship services are available from our warehouse to your door. This process requires special packaging and specialty certified furniture freight handlers. Consequently, it can be pricey depending upon the amount of merchandise and the distance from our Dallas warehouse. Please select the handcrafted wood furniture products that you have an interest in by their stock number, list them, and supply us with your city and zip code and we will be happy to quote you a curbside drop-ship freight rate.

Q: Do you make custom orders?
A: Anything is possible! Given enough time, a flexible budget, and a detailed drawing, we can craft almost any piece(s) of rustic furniture that would complement our existing product line. Please visit our showroom for details and/or pricing.

Q: Do you offer military or any other institutional discounts?
A: Yes! We are proud to offer whatever discounts we can manage to any servicemember (retired or active), first responder, or dedicated civil servant. Please visit our showroom for specifics.

Q: I’ve noticed some of your furniture has stars, and some does not. What is the difference?
A: Virtually all of our furniture is available with or without stars or other engravings at the same low price. Please call or visit our showroom for stock availability.

Q: Do you offer layaway?
A: Yes! Please go to the homepage and click on the red “Layaway” button for details.

Q: Do you offer financing?
A: Yes! Please go to the homepage and click on the red “Financing” button for details.