Green Cleaning

People are becoming more conscious of the environment today, and this newfound awareness has increased our choices when it comes to green wood furniture cleaners. However, the most potent cleaners and polishers still remain to be those that are homemade. Consider these natural alternatives for cleaning wood furniture naturally in your home, and you will see a desirable positive difference: Vinegar and oil—thoroughly mix one part … Continued

Lie Under the Summer Stars…

Are you proud to be a Texan? How do you show your Texas pride? Put your pride in the Lone Star State on display in your home for all to see with the Star of Texas. The star is the greatest emblem representing the Lone Star State. The “lone star” first appeared on the Texas state flag in 1839 (what was then the national flag of … Continued

You want quality western furniture?? We have it!!!

We pride ourselves in keeping our Texas cowboys proud. We have made it our goal to provide the finest quality western furniture at the best possible prices. Selling furniture is our passion and we enjoy making you, our customer, happy. Each piece is handcrafted with a variety of solid woods fit for the best along with other materials ranging from leather, iron, marble and even cowhide. … Continued

5 Essentials for Creating the Perfect Western Playroom

T’is the season…of tripping on all those brand new toys in your living room or formal dining room. If you’re ready to contain all your child’s toys and games into one place, why not transform a spare room in your home into a Western-themed playroom? These five essentials for the perfect rustic playroom will allow your little cowboy or cowgirl’s imagination roam wild: Personalize the space … Continued

Decorating with Cowhide

Decorating with cowhide adds texture, color, warmth and personality to a room, and despite what you may think, the use of cowhide in home décor isn’t only for the western or ranch-style home. Cowhide can even be spotted in modern homes today and makes a bold statement, no matter how it’s used. Consider these creative ways to feature a beautiful cowhide in your home, no matter … Continued

Decorating for Fall

Ahh fall! The season of pumpkin spice lattes, baking bread, pies and other delicious treats. As the leaves change from green to beautiful shades of gold, orange and red, football and holidays are in full swing. What’s not to love about fall? Decorating for fall should leave you feeling warm and fuzzy inside. The weather is finally cooling down and you may even get to use … Continued

How to tell if Rustic Furniture is Authentic

With countless colors, designs, finishes and styles to choose from, trying to decide on which rustic furniture is right for your home can be quite the undertaking. Plus, over zealous salesmen at big chain stores can talk you in such dizzying circles that you really don’t know what you’re buying. Take the guesswork out of the furniture buying experience by learning what to look for in … Continued

How To Throw a GREAT Porch Party!

This unusually cool late spring/early summer weather is perfect for outdoor porch parties. No special occasion is necessary for a low-key gathering with family, friends and neighbors. Get outside, gather your favorite people and have some fun! Here are five tips from the Great Western Furniture Co. to throwing the perfect porch party: Invite your neighbors. A porch party is the perfect opportunity to get to know … Continued

5 Tips to Liven Up Your Porch for Spring

Your front porch is the first thing people see when they come to your house. Is it clean and inviting, or does it look dusty and neglected? Not only should your front porch be welcoming to visitors, but it should also serve as a place for you and your loved ones to rest in the fresh air as the weather warms up. Use these five tips … Continued

Lighten Up, Spring’s Coming!!

Is your home dark and dull? Are you looking to brighten the rooms in your home? Before you take on a major remodel project, consider simply replacing or refreshing the lighting in your room. Light in a room isn’t only useful for allowing you to see, it can also be used to create a pleasant, comfortable space. But before you buy new lamps or lights for … Continued